We offer four one-off workshops at Back on Track. These workshops take place from 10.15am to 11.45am on Wednesday afternoons. 



This workshop is for those who are experiencing difficulties with sleep. Sleep problems are commonly associated with low mood, stress and anxiety, and can have an impact on both physical and emotional wellbeing. This workshop will provide you with an understanding of what maintains sleep difficulties, and will help to bust some common sleep myths. It will provide an introduction to sleep hygiene, providing a variety of tips and techniques to help improve the quality and quantity of your sleep.



This workshop is for those who are feeling stressed and want to learn some strategies to relax. A build-up of stress can leave us feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope, and impact upon many areas of our daily life. This workshop will allow you to develop an understanding of what causes stress, and bring awareness to both helpful and unhelpful coping strategies. Relaxation is an effective way to counteract stress, and within the workshop you will be invited to practice a number of different relaxation exercises to calm both your body and mind.


An Introduction to Mindfulness

This workshop is for those who have an interest in mindfulness. The practice of mindfulness encourages us to become more aware of the present moment, and to pay attention (with acceptance and without judgement) to the thoughts, feelings and sensations we experience. In this way, mindfulness allows us to develop a better understanding or ourselves and of the world around us. This workshop will guide you through a number of mindfulness meditations. After each practice, there will be a space to reflect, and to consider how these practices can be applied in your day-to-day life to improve your emotional wellbeing.



This workshop is for those who would like to develop an assertive style of communication. To be assertive means to be neither passive nor aggressive, and instead to communicate your needs clearly without invalidating the needs of others. This workshop will provide you with an understanding of different styles of communication, and allow you to consider how your communication style can impact on yourself and others. It will introduce a number of different techniques and strategies that can be practised to develop your own assertive style of communication. 


Interested? Please see our How To Self-Refer page for further information.