Behavioural Couples Therapy

Behavioural Couples Therapy (BCT) is a form of behaviour therapy that addresses elements of the couple’s relationship that are known to have a direct effect on the incidence of depression. A key component of this therapy is to focus on improving communication difficulties within the relationship. BCT will aim to specifically improve the overall quality of the relationship to help manage low mood as poor relationship quality has proven to be a precipitating factor in depression. Therapy sessions follow a model which focusses on the relational aspects of depression: relieving stress and improving communication, managing feelings and changing behaviour, solving problems and promoting acceptance and revising perceptions.​

BCT is offered to couples who are in a committed relationship and living together for at least 6 months. It’s most suitable for those who are willing to participate in a couple-based treatment focussed on helping the depressed partner or both partners if they have depression and anxiety. BCT is also suitable for couples where long term health conditions, issues of infidelity or infertility affect are having an impact on their relationship and leading to depression or anxiety. BCT sessions are offered on a weekly basis and works best for those couples who are willing to engage in a structured/changed focus therapy within a time-limited framework of 8-12 sessions

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BCT is not recommended for relationships where there is domestic abuse which includes controlling and/or threatening behaviour. If you are concerned this might be happening in your relationship please contact;