Given the current restrictions in place to help keep us well during the current pandemic, we have been working hard on being able to provide our group schedule virtually.


We are currently able to offer the following courses online:


Overcoming Social Anxiety

WHAT: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) gives us an opportunity to challenge our negative predictions about social situations, to train our attention to notice things that we are missing and to change how we behave in situations to start to overcome our social anxiety. ​In our Overcoming Social Anxiety group, you will learn about how social anxiety develops and what keeps the problem going. Then, with your peers, you will gradually start to address these anxieties together in a safe and non-judgmental environment. Tackling social anxiety in a group with other people who struggle with the same difficulties as you, means that you are facing your fears from session 1. It will help you to feel less isolated with your problems and gain a quicker sense of having mastered the problem.​
WHERE: Online
WHEN: Mondays 18.15-19.45

Building Self Esteem

WHAT: The group is designed for people who feel low in self-esteem and confidence and as a result may experience low mood and/or anxiety. Self-esteem refers to how we view and think about ourselves and the value that we place on ourselves as an individual. If the value that we place on ourselves is negative or imbalanced, then self-esteem can become a problem in our day to day lives. The group will help you identify unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaviours such as avoidance and self-critical thinking. It will teach you how to introduce more helpful alternatives of thinking and behaviour in order to improve your self-confidence and mood.
What are the benefits of the group format? Research evidence shows that group CBT is just as effective for a number of problems as individual CBT. People have told us that discovering that they are not alone with their problem is enormously encouraging. For those who wish to share their problems or experiences, 10 minds (or however many) are better than 2.  They may also find that that the support that they receive and give to each other in a group is very helpful. Being in the group where everybody is involved in similar tasks helps people to work on their homework tasks.
WHERE: Online
WHEN: Wednesdays 18:00-19:45


Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)

WHAT: Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) is an 8 week skills training course where you are encouraged to become more aware of your thoughts and feelings as they arise in your mind and gently change your relationship to these thoughts and feelings. It can also be a helpful relapse prevention treatment to build on previous therapy with the aim of maintaining wellness.  The group involves a combination of guided practices and cognitive therapy, a therapy that explores how the way you think influences the way you feel emotionally.  During each session we will go through a mixture of guided meditation practices, feedback on your experiences, and discussions around things that you can do for yourself to keep anxiety and depression at bay. The course involves you spending 30-45 minutes every day doing mindfulness practices and other home practice tasks between sessions, so it is a significant commitment of time and effort.
WHERE: Online
WHEN: Tuesdays 17:30-19:45


Improve Your Mood Course

WHAT: The Improve Your Mood Course runs over 9 weeks and focuses on using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to improve symptoms of low mood/depression. It offers an introduction to understanding depression, what can cause it and what keeps it going. This will involve looking at the way that we think about ourselves, and the way we spend our time, and what impact these factors have on how we feel. The course will then move on to think about how to break free from the patterns we find ourselves in that can keep us feeling ‘stuck’ in our low mood. This involves changing our activity levels, challenging negative thoughts and improving self-compassion​

WHERE: Online

WHEN: Wednesday evenings


Other groups that we usually run are listed below. We hope to be able to deliver these online shortly too, and will update when this is a possibility:


Stress Control

WHAT: Stress Control is a 6-week course based on the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy aiming to help you learn some great ways to control common problems such as anxiety, depression, panic, poor sleep, burnout, loss of confidence or low self-esteem (in other words, ‘stress’!). The course is run over 6 consecutive weeks and each week you will learn about ways to manage and control different aspects of stress. By the end of the course, you will develop your ‘stress toolkit’ by combining the skills and techniques from the previous sessions.
Session 1: Understand your Stress: learn to notice stress triggers and the impact on different areas of your life.
Session 2: Learn about your body’s reaction to stress and how to control it.
Session 3: Learn about your mind’s reaction to stress and how to control it.
Session 4: Learn about stress’ impact on what we do and how to make changes.
Session 5: Applying your techniques to understand Panic Attacks and panicky feelings.
Session 6: Learn about sleep problems and solutions and start controlling your future.
WHERE: Online


Enjoy Your Baby

WHAT: Enjoy Your Baby is a 5 week course based on the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) aimed to support mums manage the adjustments of  becoming a parent. The group also helps you to connect  with other mothers in the local area, and provides the opportunity to share experiences and think about how to apply techniques with the support of the facilitators. Each week you are able to think about different challenges and consider techniques to try and overcome them e.g.  Communication barriers, managing expectations, getting a balance back in your life with a new baby, dealing with uncertainty and worries and managing the change motherhood can have on relationships. Clients are provided with a booklet that can aid implementing the new techniques.  The group runs in children centres so there is a comfortable environment and support on hand to make your babies feel welcome too.
WHERE: Online



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