Family and Carers

At Back on Track we recognise the impact that being in a caring and supportive role can have on people, with high reports of increased stress and low mood for people within this role compared to the general public. As such, we offer various support options for carers.

This includes our general therapy options as well as a specific workshop for carers ‘Keeping the Balance’ (detailed below). We know that for some people in a caring or supportive role it is difficult to be able to leave those they are supporting on a weekly basis to attend therapy appointments. We offer therapy via our online therapy platform called Back Online  and Skype appointments for people who will struggle to make face to face appointments, where possible.

Keeping the Balance: Coping with the challenges of caregiving workshop:

This workshop is a one-off, 2 hour session. During the session we aim to:

  • Provide a chance to share and reflect on the challenges of being a carer with others in a similar role.
  • Look at the ways in which people have developed strategies to help themselves cope with these challenges, realising that experience develops expertise within carers.  Here, we help carers to support each other, by making suggestions to others in the group, as well as receiving suggestions from others in the group.
  • Signpost  to other in-house groups & workshops, helpful external groups and organisations 
  • Provide psycho-education on CBT techniques most relevant to the concerns raised by the group, including mindfulness and relaxation.

From conversations with carers who have accessed our service, the Relaxation and Mindfulness one-off workshops we offer (learn more here) have been highlighted as particularly helpful, as well as being less time demanding than a course of therapy within their already busy schedules.


Supportive Services

As well as the online therapy options and workshops, we further try to make our service more accessible to carers by offering workshops within more familiar settings. We work with the Carers Network to offer the Keeping the Balance, Relaxation and Mindfulness workshops within their venues.

Interested? Please see our How To Self-Refer page for further information.

We have also listed a couple of the key services available to carers here.