Feeling down or depressed?

We all feel low but sometimes a bad day turns into a bad week then a bad month and nothing seems to help. Everything seems to be so much more effort and it can be exhausting just getting through the day.

After a while you may notice changes in your sleep, your appetite and concentration. You don’t get much enjoyment out of anything anymore.

There are also important changes in the things that you do. Lots of people find that as their mood gets worse they get tired more easily and stop doing things they used to enjoy. Once they have cut out lots of those enjoyable activities their mood can get even worse. This becomes a vicious cycle. One of the first steps to improving mood is to break this cycle of reduced activities.

Another thing that often changes is your thinking. We know that as people sink into feeling low and depressed their thinking gets more and more negative.  A lot of people find that negative thoughts go round and round and they can’t shake them off. It’s common to start thinking the worst and to start becoming very self-critical. The second step to improving mood is to start changing this negative pattern of thinking.