Self-Help Materials


Please see our following pages for helpful resources during this time:

Tips for coping During Social distancing and isolation

Covid-19 and maintaining wellbeing

Managing a long term health condition during the coronavirus outbreak

Below are some links to some helpful websites:

Every Mind Matters  for information about looking after your wellbeing whilst social distancing or self-isolating.

NHS 111 for the latest medical guidance regarding the Corona Virus.

OCD-UK  has information about how to manage OCD symptoms that may have been impacted by the recent corona virus.
Anxiety-UK has  resources for those struggling with anxiety symptoms, that might have heightened in response to the current corona virus,  and a telephone helpline.


Moodjuice is designed to offer information and advice to those experiencing troublesome thoughts, feelings and actions. From the site you are able to print off various self-help guides covering conditions such as depression, anxiety, stress, panic and sleep problems. In the site an individual can explore various aspects of life that may cause some distress and on the press of a button can obtain information on organisations, services and other self-help materials such as Self-help Guides, that can offer advice, support and information.


This is a free, interactive programme from Australia which provides an evidence-based anonymous, interactive online facility for practicing strategies for tackling depression.  The online exercises are based on CBT and workbooks are anonymous and can be completed at your own pace.


Get Self Help
Get Self Help is a website based on CBT techniques and information.  It has a wide range of downloadable worksheets, lots of information on a range of disorders such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, self-esteem and anger.  It also has links to other useful websites.


CCI Health
The Centre for Clinical Interventions (CCI) is a specialist state-wide program that is administered through North Metropolitan Health Services in Western Australia. It offers a clinical service for adults suffering from anxiety, mood and eating disorders. CCI has also developed a number of resources for consumers, mental health practitioners, and doctors, many of which are freely available through this website.


Life Signs
(Self-Injury Guidance & Network Support) is an online, user-lead voluntary organisation, founded in 2002 to raise awareness about self-injury and provide information and support to people of all ages affected by self-injury. We recognise self-injury is a way of coping with distressing experiences and difficult emotions, and we encourage people to reflect on the issues behind their self-injury, and to develop and explore alternative coping mechanisms


No More Panic
No More Panic provides information for sufferers and carers of people with Panic, Anxiety, Phobias and OCD.  It aims to provide information, support and advice.  There is information on the website alongside a chat forum.


Living life to the Full
The Living Life to the Full course is a life skills course that aims to provide access to high quality, practical and user-friendly training in practical approaches you can use in your own life. The course content teaches key knowledge in how to tackle and respond to issues/demands which we all meet in our everyday lives, with techniques specifically aimed at anxiety and depression.


Living with Chronic Pain
A psychologist working in pain management has made a self-help CD (“Living with Chronic Pain”) – this is available to listen to or to download for free on his website.


Chronic Fatigue Information
This is a useful website for CF which has a outlines information for patients, covering sleep problems, and treatment options to help manage the condition.


A useful website which focuses on benefits and to check eligibility for benefits and grants. People put in the details and it shows what they are entitled to.  Also offer telephone service as well.


Big White Wall

People come to Big White Wall for help with a wide range of mental health and wellbeing issues – from anxiety, depression, stress and trauma, to relationship problems and lifestyle challenges.


Talk Plus
This website has a range of booklets and videos explaining step by step how to use some of the key cognitive behavioural therapy techniques, for depression and anxiety.


Good Thinking
Tools and resources to help yourself and others to feel better.


Mental health charity with lots of useful information.



The NHS Apps Library provides a list of digital tools to help you manage and improve your mental health.

UCL Positive app for students – an app to support your wellbeing