Managing a long term health condition during the coronavirus outbreak

Managing a long term health condition during the Coronavirus outbreak

The idea of managing a long term health condition at any time can feel overwhelming. However, with the current social distancing guidance, and concerns about the pandemic, this may well feel even more overwhelming than before.

We will be gathering useful guidance from health professionals and organisations on sources of support and tips for managing at home during this time, and the information will be provided below:


Diabetes UK offers support to people living with diabetes. This includes specific pages on how to self-manage diabetes,  as well as a learning zone which includes videos, quizzes and information that can be tailored to you once you have answered a few questions about your specific experience.

There is also a page dedicated to managed diabetes during the current pandemic here, which is regularly updated.

During social distancing and an increased time at home, it is really important that people continue to have access to strategies to help manage their arthritis.
The chartered Society of Physiotherapy have a compiled list of strategies for pain management, according to the area of the body this is experienced here.
Arthritis Action have also created Chair-based exercise videos that can be completed at home.
Arthritis Action have also compiled a list of regional mental health support services during this time.



** This page will be updated as further resources are gathered **