Below is some of the feedback that we receive from our clients after they complete treatment with our team. Be sure to check out the audio and film links too!

Back on Track Testimonial – Audio

Back on Track Testimonial – Film


“The treatment journey was not the easiest as I had to delve deeply into a memory that I’d pushed away for a very long time. Many of the days were difficult but if you asked me if I’d do it again I’d do it in a heartbeat. No question. I feel that the treatment has been extremely successful and I’ve not only dealt with the traumatic experience from 12 years ago, I’ve also learned new coping mechanisms for everyday life. I’ve learned more about myself in 12 sessions than I would have imagined possible and I’ve emerged more confident in decisions that I make.  I would recommend this treatment to those who have had a traumatic experience with absolutely no hesitation. With regards to my clinician, I cannot speak more highly of her.” Anonymous


“Its been so useful to me in recognising behaviours and thoughts which I didn’t acknowledge were connected to anxiety.  Therapists were knowledgeable, fair and compassionate.” Anonymous


“I am very pleased of having had the sessions with my therapist. She has been a great help for my personal difficulties and I feel very privileged of being able to receive these practical sessions during these past months.” Anonymous


Impressive to be seen so soon after first referred by GP, I like the routine of 6 consecutive weekly sessions and always being listened to with care/attention. Hand-outs very helpful too. Appreciated emphasis on breaking negative thought patterns simply.” Anonymous


“I had a high quality of care by an experienced professional who helped me with my issues in a lot of areas.” Anonymous


“I have found the experience most helpful at a time I have needed it most.  The therapist has been great.  I was really worried about attending the service but soon felt very comfortable.” Anonymous


“I was apprehensive about joining a group, but actually I think it was being with other people who struggled with the same stuff I did was the most helpful thing. The content was important but hearing how the others were using it really helped me apply it to my life.” Group member


“Learnt a lot of techniques and hopeful that I’ll be able to introduce them over time.” Group member


“Mindfulness is just the cherry on the top. I now sit and focus on doing this last bit of the puzzle. Everything falls into place, it helps me to quieten my mind and find some peace.” Group member


“My symptoms are gone, I’m back to my old self! It was challenging but now I know how to help myself now.” Anonymous


“The group facilitators were very knowledgeable and engaged well with the group. They have been very compassionate trainers and given us time when needed. The exercises have been so useful. I have only positive feedback. A*. Overall, I’m impressed with service in terms of wait times, caring and professionalism. Thank you.” Group member


“Realising how your own mind works is a real eye opener. The more I started to see that the thoughts in my head weren’t real and I didn’t need to pay them any attention, the more I started to feel in control. Quite quickly it started to make a huge difference to me.” Anonymous


“The group facilitators presented all the material in a clear and informative way and were compassionate and very helpful. They were able to answer any questions and give techniques to diffuse difficulties. Highly recommended.” Group member


“From our first meeting, I felt that you were someone in whom I could trust and confide and this feeling has continued. I am grateful for the way in which you encouraged me to think better of myself.” Group member


“CBT made me realise some important things – 1. these problems are very common, 2. there’s nothing to be ashamed of and 3. anxiety can be tackled by doing something constructive about it.” Anonymous


“I felt overwhelmed and hopeless six weeks ago, continually crying with frustration. Now I am hopeful, have clarity around planning and caring for myself. A huge thank you.” Group member