Behavioural Couples Therapy


This is a therapy for couples who are in a committed relationship and have been living together for at least 6 months.

Behavioural Couples Therapy (BCT) is an approach that can help people in a relationship with the emotional difficulties that can arise between partners, especially when one or both people are depressed. These sessions focus on improving communication, managing feelings and changing behaviour, solving problems and promoting acceptance, and revising perceptions and expectations.

Relationship problems that can be dealt with in BCT include overcoming a previous affair, family difficulties, or those that are having difficulty communicating effectively and making decisions together. This therapy sees you, the couple, as one patient and does not attempt to provide individual therapy for one specific person within your relationship.

Much like one-to-one CBT, the couple would need to be able to commit to regular (usually weekly) sessions and to be in a position to engage in a structured, change focused therapy.

Research has shown that relationship satisfaction after completion of BCT greatly improves.

To speak to someone about Behavioural Couples Therapy, please call our main service telephone number on 0300 123 1156